Spell Cat
Spell Cat
Spell Cat
Spell Cat
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    Spell Cat

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    Age: 4+

    The Spell Cat has a special fascination for words, their sounds and their spellings. She feeds on cat food that she receives when you spell correctly. An interactive activity centre for learning spellings in a way that appeals to varied learning styles. 

    KEY SKILLS: Develops letter and word recognition, early reading, vocabulary, fine motor and writing skills.

    LEARNING RESOURCE: A great educational gift and ideal resource for language building in the early years.

    How to Play :

    LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Choose a picture word card. Place the letter tiles in the correct sequence in the windows and close them. Write out the word on the whiteboard from memory. Open the windows to check if you were correct.

    FUN EDUCATIONAL GAME: Learn to spell 3 to 7 letter words. Letter tiles include both upper and lower case letters. Has a range of ideas to develop spelling skills. Includes a fun motivation builder. 

    Included in Box : 1 Spelling tray with attached whiteboard, 1 wipe erase marker, 70 Alphabet tiles, 90 Picture word cards, 10 Blank cards, Feed the cat score board with 20 food tokens & user guide. Includes 3 to 7 letter words and 10 customisable cards.

    Made from / Materials Used : MDF and Board.

    Made in: India