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Grow with me, Buzzy Cars

    Grow with me, Buzzy Cars

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    1. The Grow with Me Woombie is a swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-9 Months with a BONUS extended length to reach up to 18 months.
    2. Stage One: Swaddle - 0-3 Months -- Place baby inside of Swaddle and simply zip from the bottom to top.
    3. Stage Two: Swaddle+ (2 - 4 Months) -- Unzip 2/3rd's of the way - Increases Swaddle by
    4. Stage Three: Expanded Swaddle (3 - 6 Months) -- Fully Unzip Swaddle, with babies arms remaining inside for the same comforting touch. - Swaddle increases over 3" in Width and 4-8" in Length.
    5. Stage Four: Wearable Blanket (6 - 9 Months) -- With the swaddle fully unzipped, release babies arms to transform the swaddle into a warm cozy wearable blanket.
    6. Stage Five: Wearable Blanket XL (9 - 18 Months)
    7. The Woombie swaddle is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Wash the Woombie with a gentle program, preferably on 30 or 40 degrees. Don't put the Woombie in the dryer, to prevent the swaddle from shrinking as much as possible. Before washing, close the zipper and the velcro/snap button. The Woombie is made of stretchable material. Washing it too often or not on the right temperature can cause the Woombie to lose its shape or flexibility Made in: China