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CSTEM Math Kit 1 + My CSTEM Book
CSTEM Math Kit 1 + My CSTEM Book

    CSTEM Math Kit 1 + My CSTEM Book

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    CSTEM Math kit has been designed to empower young learners to discover the mathematical concepts and their real world applications using “bricks”. It is an innovative and affordable product providing tangible math education to students at home, to homeschoolers and in K12 schools ages 5 to 7 years.

    CSTEM Math kit enables children to take ownership of their learning and add to their knowledge through hands-on experience. The self paced experiential learning kit helps children to work on CSTEM concepts through constructing models enabling 21st Century learning.

    CSTEM activity book is focused on Problem-Solving, Coding, and STEM subjects that help prepare students to address future challenges.

    Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems. Even from an early age students can be taught “Computational Thinking” a problem solving & decision making technique.

    This task of preparing our youth to solve the challenges of tomorrow can best be achieved through an innovative & inter disciplinary STEM education infused with elements of computational thinking.CSTEM Math kit has 104 colourful bricks which can be used to build 40+ math models using the lesson plans and additionally using their own imagination, kids can make an infinite number of models bringing their creations to life.
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