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Circular Domino
Circular Domino
Circular Domino
Circular Domino
Circular Domino

    Circular Domino

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    Winning takes luck, skill and quick reasoning
    Embrace the curve with these circular dominoes. Featuring a delightful professions theme, children will enjoy matching either the community helpers, or the tools used by them, or both alternatively!
    There are two games to play. One is like normal dominoes and the other is to complete the circle, and use up all your pieces. With images of community helpers and tools,
    these challenging games can be adapted to suit different abilities. Each player starts with 7 tiles.
    Players must play a tile that matches the image to the previously played tile.
    If players can't make a match they miss a turn and have to pick up a new tile.
    The perfect game for 2-4 players, or matching the circle can even be played on your own.

    OBJECTIVE (1): Be the first to lay down all your cards into the circle.

    Each player gets 7 tiles.
    Any remaining tiles go into a deck inside the bag.
    The first player starts lays a card. now the next person on left tries to match on of their pieces to the left or right of the last piece.
    If the player has no matching cards they draw a card from the deck.
    And the game continues till all cards are laid.
    The player who lays down all the cards wins the game,
    or else the player with lowest number of cards wins.

    OBJECTIVE (2):
    The aim is to create a complete circle using the cards.
    Players can only lay down cards in a clockwise direction.
    Players continue to lay cards until the circle is complete.
    If a player lays down their last card before the circle is
    complete they wait till the circle is complete, if the circle completed ever one wins!
    else the person with minimum number of cards wins.

    1. Match the professions.
    2. Match the instruments on the back side of professions.
    3. Match the professions and instruments placed alternatively. Made in: India